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Sogi..MAU Debi Winger...Candy Dreams

Sogi, Classic by Debi Winger

Sogi - exploring light

Helo Ops...

Lesson 2 - color sketch work

Sunset on Coronado

Stephine and Joseph

Joseph and Stephine...One

Stephanie...happy to pose

Anna...hidden secrets

Forest...without color...still a story to tell

Forest...on the moors

Model 3


practice shots

Thank you, for....

Yes....I am the best


Ice skating at the Hotel Del Coronado

Wendy as alice

Dennis and flora

Flora - new model

portrait - Dennis

Cat- Love potion #9 (heart edit)

Julianne - flower

A strong link weathers the test of time

It is good to be me... In the dark and feed sh!t

Megan - sunflower

Monster attack in Riverside

Megan and Jessie - love and hate

The new charlies angles

Cat attack

Mellisa - grad photo

Jessie eyes

Music man

Brigette - caged man

Cat - Jack in the tire



Cat and Dawn - Gothic

Cat and Dawn - Farm Girls

Art in life

Jessie - barely there

Magen - Escaping dream

Ashley - Eyes

Cat in the bird house

Chanele - 2 for your eyes

Mick and Chanele - Lemonade stand

Mick and Chanele - signs

Dawn - Farm day