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Bryce Canyons in depth

Blue flowers

Snow Branch...

Peak through the trees

Third eye

Shooting star, what do you wish

Wish upon a falling star....I wish there were dragons

Bryce Canyon...getting snow

Snowy morning

Duo, lost in time....

Slot Canyon....light the path

Slot Canyon...log in the way

Desert Dragon....master of the universe

Court of the Patriarchs pre dawn

Bryce Preview 1

World food prize....water

Lay and the painting

Stop me if you have seen this before...

South point beach

Hand in Hand on little beach

Little beach

Beach sunset test shoot

Pink Sunshine

Old, warn but still strong

fish stories


red barn

Stop and smell the flowers

Forever 2...

Barn find

Yes robot master

Warm water goldfish

Moon Festival 2015

Look out

mejor best friend

Afro-Cuban Dancer in natural spot light

Graffiti in cuba....infant

girl in the orange dress....same one I ran into her again!

Cuban girl in purple dress

Cuban girl in Purple Dress

statue with hood in Havanna

Lady with Pink umbrella


Afro Cuban Dancer

Afro cuban dance costume

Classic car 8

Coach and students

Tula's bedroom caught on fire

Many faces